As an employee, you have amazing benefits, thanks to working for a great company.  Whether you currently receive benefits from your employer or are just trying to discover what benefits may be right for you and your family, our guide can help point you in the right direction.


Core benefits – typically considered Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, and Vision Insurance – are the primary benefits to consider.  

Whether your employer contributes to your ancillary benefits or not, take the time to understand your options and weigh the costs.

Use voluntary benefits to complement your core and ancillary benefits. Unanticipated costs of medical treatments won’t be as big of a burden. 



When choosing a health insurance plan, factor in your ability to comfortably afford your share of the premium, how often you plan to utilize your benefits, prescription drug costs, and whether or not your preferred doctors are in the plans network.  A similar analysis should be done with dental and vision plans as well.  To take our short quiz to determine what type of plans might be best for you.


Purchasing a life-insurance plan when you’re young will generally allow you to “lock-in” a lower rate and ensures you’ll have coverage into the future, regardless of future health issues that may arise.


Use voluntary benefits to complement your core and ancillary benefits so that out-of-pocket and unanticipated costs of medical treatment, like lost wages or transportation costs, won’t be as big of a burden.  Our team can explain all voluntary benefits to you and help you choose the plans that will be suit your needs.